World of Warcraft Classic may be a bit too nostalgic

rodgissinger | 18 August, 2019 23:08

World of Warcraft Classic might be a little too nostalgic for itself either because the game's login queue seems interested in re-creating long waiting times from the original. After players can order their character names for the old new version of the classic MMO, Blizzard released a warning that players must be wary of the game's login queue.

They urged the players to switch domains - Stalagg has been opened for this reason. Realms in WoW Classic can accommodate more players than their counterparts in 2006, so the estimated "Medium" population in 2019 "already has more characters in it than even the most crowded in the world in 2006," they wrote.

Now, I remember the server queue for World of Warcraft back when it was launched in Europe, and I often had time to make a cup of tea and sometimes even pushed a tin of beans into my stomach when I waited to enter the MMO action. So the server queue here or there for WoW Classic might just trigger the novelty of my trip to the memory lane. But I don't like being 10,000 in the queue to play WoW Classic. I'm not 20-something anymore. Unfortunately. "We recently opened the Stalagg area, and we urge the players at Herod to consider moving there," Kaivax said, perhaps with all his fingers and toes crossed.

Herod is a crowded region for North America. In Europe, Shazzrah is an explosive person. Kaivax reposted the same message to players there, asking them to consider moving to the Gehennas realm. "Our top priority in planning the launch of WoW Classic has been to ensure that we lay the foundation for a strong realm community that will last for months and years to come," they wrote, "which is why we have carefully opened new servers to meet demand. " Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap WOW Classic Mounts for players.


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