Zynga announced Game of Thrones Slots Casino has launched globally

rodgissinger | 09 September, 2019 00:29

The social game giant based in San Francisco Zynga has expanded its social casino portfolio by launching Game of Thrones Slots Casino. Based on the television series Game of Thrones, which was just concluded from HBO, the game transports players to the Westeros realm and shows the action and dialogue of characters including Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion Lannister and members of House Stark, Sansa, Arya and Jon Snow. This social casino slot is also equipped with mechanics such as Progressive Jackpot and Bursting Wilds and has been launched globally on the App Store and Google Play, with versions that can be followed by Facebook and Amazon Appstore.

"As a longtime fan of this series, Zynga is honored to contribute to the Game of Thrones universe, and is honored to give players an experience that reflects the scale, scope, intensity, and community of the series," said Bernard Kim, Publishing President at Zynga . "The visual and audio design of this game really evokes the marquee moment of this series, and with our House-themed social features, players can unite to pursue the throne itself. Westeros continues to live! " And if you want to buy Zynga Chips, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Speaking to the press, Bernard Kim, Zynga's president said that the company was a longtime fan of the series and was honored to contribute to the expansion of Game of Thrones. They are honored to give players a realistic playing experience that accurately reflects the scope and intensity of the dark performances. They feel that visual design and audio contribution evoke important moments from the series, while home-themed social features give players the ability to pursue their own throne.

The game's social features allow players to work together to form their own Home. There is also a weekly challenge ‘For the Throne’ where House players are challenged to conquer each region on the map of the game Westeros, to rule them all and take Iron Throne. Although, only the top players from House who win will get the right to the luxurious sword seat, so keep that in mind.

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