Fate / Grand Order dropped to 59th in the App Store

rodgissinger | 05 June, 2019 05:12

The iOS version of FGO PROJECT's Fate / Grand Order dropped to 59th in the App Store sales ranking (game category) this weekend. According to AppAnnie 's data, it is the first out of TOP 50 since its release. Looking at the hourly graph, the release date of August 12, 2015 starts from the 47th place. Fate/Grand Order " (Chinese name: Destiny Crown Position, hereinafter referred to as "FGO") will officially open a new mainline story on June 7 (five) "Subspecies Specific Point III: Dead Sea Blood River Stage the next country, the spirit of Jian Hao seven times to win."

Among the tiny singularities, the unbelievable female Miyamoto Musashi; known as the sword tyrant, the male Miyamoto Musashi who exists in the history of human history. The same name, different existence; the lord will meet again with Musashi as an opportunity to unveil the singularity.

Mystery Singularity II Escape from the Pyramid is a completely new real escape game created in response to the response from the previous work Mystery Singularity I Escape from Baker Street”. The stage has changed from Baker Street to Pyramid, and the Servant has also been renewed. The screenshots released today are a part of what will actually be shown at the opening part of the show . You can check the screen shots after Oji Mandias and Ray Shift that were not included in the part of the OP video that was released on May 15.

Fate / Grand Order (abbreviation: FGO or Fate / GO) is a smartphone-specific role playing game based on the game work “ Fate / stay night ” by the game brand TYPE-MOON . Here, we introduce character voice actors, staff, and recommended articles for the smartphone application "Fate / Grand Order" and the TV anime "Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Monster Battle Line Babilonia-"! The game has recently passed six million downloads for its western release in English, which is a testament of its popularity even outside of Japan.

This chapter, the fourth chapter of the main quest part 2 "Fate / Grand Order -Cosmos in the Lostbelt-", which began to be distributed in 2018, continues from Russia, Northern Europe, China, and India, the fourth internation band. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use F/GO Saint Quartz Top Up, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. I will develop a story on the stage. In addition, in this program, the guest of the program welcomes voice actors Yuko Kawasumi, Nobunaga Shimajima, and Yu Kazuki, and along with MC's Mafia Kamata, the latest information on "FGO PROJECT" including this chapter and related Fate You will be informed about the latest information on.

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